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Well, it’s taken us 15 months, but on July 21st Danika and the kids will be moving to Tennessee. I’ll be flying down to help load the truck, then driving them back up in the van. (The truck will be driven by ABS, the company we’ve contracted with). My but what a long ordeal this has been for us all. We are all excited about finally being together and being able to have a single focus regarding our future. It has been very difficult not only emotionally and psychologically, but also financially. Imagine these days having to maintain expenses for two separate homes, and then add to that that we’re doing all this in the midst of a complete shift (on my part) to some new paths career-wise! It has been difficult.

But we are glad to see the lights at the end of the tunnel, and look forward to the new adjustments we’ll be making. Meanwhile, we have a home in FL to rent out (won’t sell in this current market). We pray it will rent soon.

Life on the farm is going well, just not as quickly as we would like. Some of that though is due to the uncertainty of our own future. But we look forward to working together on the farm to make it all we dream it can become.

May the Lord guide us in the days ahead.


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