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We don’t usually think of ascribing sin to an animal. We reserve such classifications to the human race. But one day, on the way to our old 1840’s era wooden barn, I looked at Jax our duck and realized he was in sin.

Originally we had two ducks; Quacker and Jax. Quacker was our female and was one loud little duckling. Jax the male was the quiet one. Alas, in time some predator took Quacker away and we were left only with Jax and about one hundred chickens.

In time, Jax began to hang out with the chickens. The only time he would leave them would be towards dark. When the chickens would go to roost he would finally leave to spend the night in our small pond. But at first light he was back with the chickens until dark returned.

In time, I began to realize that Jax was no longer foraging for food along the banks of our small creek that flowed out of the pond and past the old barn. He wasn’t splashing himself in the pond as if taking a bath in the middle of the day. He wasn’t burying his head in the pond shoveling his bill along he bottom like a little motorized bug filtering machine. He was acting more like … well … a chicken!!

It was after some time that I made the discovery of Jax’ sin. Jax had set aside his internal nature of a duck, choosing instead to walk around on the ground all day like the chickens. Jax was missing his calling in life.

And that was how I was led that fateful morning to believe Jax was living in sin. In the Greek language of the New Testament, to sin meant literally to, “miss the mark.” It was the image of someone shooting an arrow and the arrow missing its intended target. Jax was certainly not hitting the target of what God intended for him. Jax was in sin. Perhaps due to confusion, possibly for lonliness. But whatever the reason, Jax was missing his mark.

I wonder how much in my life is like that? What are the areas God intended for one thing but I’m living like something else? How many of my values have come from our culture instead of from Him? What are the gifts He has given me that I never use? Jax never flies anymore. After all, chickens don’t fly. He used to fly a lot.

God, may you so orchestrate the events of my life or people in my life to help me see those areas where I have abandoned or overlooked gifts You have given me for a purpose to which I am blind. Help me know how to show Jax he is a duck; and help me see what You would have me be as well.


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